Why choose Bella Vita Residence and invest in the project?

What is a complex Bella Vita Residence?

Bella Vita Residence is a gated complex located 7 km from the center of Varna. It is characterized by excellent transport accessibility - four lane road to the city center (approximately 8 minutes by car), meters away from a public transport stop. It is located in the area of Taushan Tepe, Trakata - only 1.5 km from the center of the resort. It is only 2 km from the luxury beaches located there. The place is quiet, peaceful, clean and at the same time close to the central part of the town. In the immediate vicinity is the University Botanical Garden - Ecopark Varna. Owner and investor is "Express Garantcion Ltd., Varna, construction company with 30 years of experience and proven excellent quality of construction.

Bella Vita Residence consists of 4 buildings located around a park area of 2400 sq.m. The buildings are 5 storey, with a total of 20 entrances- with 17 or 18 apartments per entrance. The apartments are: studios, one and two bedroom apartments with spacious living rooms, large bedrooms and balconies. Four residential buildings are planned, including 272 apartments (one, two and three bedrooms), offices, kindergarten, kindergarten, pharmacy, grocery store and warehouse and underground and surface parking spaces.

Three of the apartment buildings have 6 entrances and one has 2 entrances. The height of the buildings is planned to be 4 floors above ground and one semi underground. The total number of dwellings in the complex is 272, 61 offices, a day-care centre, a kindergarten, a pharmacy, a shop with a grocery store, 105 underground and 245 above-ground parking spaces. Site area: 25,000 sqm of housing and offices, 1,000 sqm of a grocery store and attached warehouse and 2,400 sqm of underground parking.

On an area of 2400 sq. m. (in the middle of the complex) a park space will be formed, including a multifunctional playground, a fountain and recreation areas.

There is a possibility of combining adjacent rooms into multi-room apartments. The apartments, located on the third, fourth and fifth floors, offer a unique sea view. The ground floor apartments have separate courtyards for private use. A great advantage is the parking space provided to each of the apartments. In the construction of the complex is provided the use of state-of-the-art materials: insulation, PVC-frames (REHAU), cladding and railings.

Following the latest trends in residential design, for the convenience of the owners is provided a large grocery store - 700 sq.m., supermarket type, with an adjacent 300 sq.m. warehouse. Located at the entrance, it will cater to the needs of both residents and external visitors.

Why choose to invest and buy a home there?

There is a controlled access regime at the entrance (live security). Bella Vita Residence will also have a kindergarten, a necessary convenience for young parents living in the complex. A gym, a pharmacy and a hairdresser are also planned. The maintenance of the common areas will be carried out by a professional housemanagement company.

            Bella Vita Residence will be built over a period of 2.5 years. Start of construction - 30.11.2021.

            Bella Vita Residence is a unique complex combining the following advantages:

  • Peaceful and clean life, close to nature and the sea;
  • Lovely park area, suitable for relaxation after work and activities with children;
  • Guaranteed security for the family (security at the entrance);
  • Guaranteed maintenance of the environment (park and common areas);
  • Suitable project for investment;
  • Reasonable prices for the purchase and operation of the complex.

Make your choice!

Bella Vita Residence - Home for you and your child! Close to the sea!

Upon request from our customers, we are ready to provide complete information in the form of a catalog, as well as an official price list from the builder with prices and square footage. 

The information is sent to the email address provided by the customer.

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