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The team of "BULGARIA-ESTATE" will carry out a comparative market analysis and determine the right price to realise the best deal for the qualities and characteristics of your property. You can request an on-site valuation at our head office in gr. Varna, bul. Kniaginya Maria Louisa 18, et. 1 /parter/ or by online inquiry on our website.

"BULGARIA-ESTATE" perform mediation services in buying and selling or rent-to-own of residential or commercial properties since 1999. You can contact our representative on site at our office - gr. Varna, bul. Kniaginya Maria Louisa 18, et. 1 /parter/ or to contact a member of our team

We always try to be innovators in real estate advertising. That's why we upgrade our photo and video equipment every year. At this time we offer our clients: 

  • professional high-resolution wide-angle photos
  • high resolution video capture
  • DRON imaging (model 2023)
  • capture 360 degree, 3D tours using a dedicated camera

If you are interested in this type of photography of your property, you can get a customized offer Here.

The service is free of charge for clients who grant exclusive rights to "BULGARIA-ESTATE" to market their property.

"BULGARIA-ESTATE" is an official partner with UNICREDIT BULBANK (UniCredit Bulbank) и POSTAL BANK (Bulgarian Postbank), as our clients get the best terms on consumer and mortgage loans. All you need to do is visit our head office in gr. Varna on the boulevard. Maria Louisa 18, et. 1 /parter/

Do you have a property suitable for renting, but do not have the ability to manage it? We do it for you! 

To do this, we will get to know your property as well as possible and find out what your criteria are in relation to tenants. Next, we will find the most suitable tenants. You will receive the agreed rent on a regular basis, as well as being reassured about all the details, which remain our concern.

"BULGARIA-ESTATE" is an official partner with "SLAVEY-SMS EOOD - leader in the design and construction of photovoltaic power plantsboth for own needs and for selling electricity. 

Do you have a house and want to use energy from the sun? Or do you own a plot of land suitable for a PV plant?

- As our client you have the opportunity to get individual offer design and construction from start to finish. 

* PV power plant 

If you are selling a property or want to buy one, but have questions about the procedure, the necessary documents or to check the real price of the property, you can safely contact us. We will have a friendly conversation with you and try to answer all your questions.

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