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Имате нужда от управление на търговски имот, сграда?

We created BULGARIA-ESTATE MANAGEMENT exactly for this purpose.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service to all our current and prospective clients.

Our agency's goal is to relieve residential and commercial landlords of all the hassles associated with managing and maintaining their properties.

In 2023, we successfully established a new subsidiary to complement and expand the services of BULGARIA-ESTATE. The company is focused entirely on real estate management. High demand from our clients who are away from their properties or simply do not have the time to manage them was the driving force behind our decision to offer this innovative approach, which we believe is needed in the city of Varna.

If you too are in need of competent management of your property and would like to learn more about the scope and benefits of our service, do not hesitate to contact our team. Our specialists are at your disposal, ready to provide you with comprehensive information and answer all your queries.

The establishment of the new company represents a step forward in our drive to maintain high standards of service and customer satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity to help you with the management of your property and build a successful and sustainable partnership with you.

Our service includes a wide range of aspects:

  1. Administrative management:

    • Organisation of meetings and accounting procedures.
    • Documentation management and legal requirements.
  2. Technical Management:

    • Regular technical inspections and maintenance.
    • Coordination of repair and improvement activities.
  3. Rental and Marketing:

    • Attracting potential tenants through advertising campaigns.
    • Management of rental contracts and payments.
  4. Accompanying the sale of a property:

    • Market value assessment and marketing support.
    • Preparation of necessary documentation.

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