Sale of a property through an intermediary with exclusive rights

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Selling a property through an intermediary with exclusive rights is a topic that excites all participants in the real estate market. A common opinion of property sellers is precisely that they do not need the services of a broker to sell their property. Is this the case? Next we illustrate the process in reality.

Putting a property on the market requires a huge amount of preparation, which includes the following basic steps, namely:

  1. Preparation of the necessary documents for the execution of a transaction
  2. Professional photo and video recording of the site
  3. Placement of paid advertising on property portals, agency website
  4. Promotional materials regarding the sale of the property
  5. Conducting inspections at convenient times for customers

Owners often neglect some of the steps described above and think they have done everything necessary to sell their property as quickly and profitably as possible.

However, here comes the difference between a private listing and a listing prepared by professional intermediaries.

What the seller gets when he chooses to trust an intermediary:

As a professional intermediary with over 20 years of experience, BULGARIA-ESTATE offers sellers who choose to sell their property with exclusive rights to the agency to advertise their property simultaneously on more than 10 real estate platforms visible throughout Bulgaria and abroad. We also have a database where we have a list of clients waiting for a certain type of property, to whom we offer the exclusive offers with priority.

We have top-of-the-line photo and video capture equipment, as well as offering 360-degree, 3D virtual tours using special equipment. We also use a drone, for video and photo capture, which allows us to present properties in perspective. Exclusive listings receive a special sales plan, which includes a large budget for paid advertising, bringing the listing to the top of the internet.

The team of BULGARIA-ESTATE will take care to collect documents required for a transaction, saving you valuable time.

We also conduct viewings at the most convenient time for buyers, which is most often on weekends or after hours, without having to engage owners to come and unlock the property. This remains our commitment until a warranty deed (stop sale deposit) is signed or a preliminary contract is signed, which requires the sellers' attendance.

Exclusive offers also receive additional benefits, such as advertising on the bulletin board in front of our office on Blvd. Maria Louisa 18, Sofia. Varna, which has a large traffic flow.


"If I give my property to just one agency, I lose the opportunity to share my property with the maximum number of buyers on the market."


Selling a property through an agent with exclusive rights is always positive. This gives the opportunity to allocate a larger budget and individual approach to the sale. As already mentioned exclusive properties reach all other agencies and their clients on the principle of working together. Sellers also benefit from the fact that they are only in contact with one specific broker throughout the entire property sale process.rather than with hundreds of agencies and brokers who most often just try to take the offer and add it to their portfolio by using fake clients for viewings.

Trust BULGARIA-ESTATE for the best deal!

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