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22.05.2023 - (updated on 12.01.2024)

One of the most frequently asked questions by our clients is exactly which documents are required for the sale of a property and how they can obtain them.

The preparation of documents for the sale of a particular property counts towards the SELLER's obligations on the property as they are obliged to provide them, regardless of whether the transaction goes through an estate agency and whether there is credit on the buyers' side.

Once you have made the decision to part with your property, you have two options - to carry out the process yourself, or to trust a professional.
As an estate agency, we often help clients who are selling their property through us to obtain the necessary documents to sell a property by explaining where to go to request them or providing us with a power of attorney to do this sometimes tedious task for them. This often saves sellers time and makes it as easy as possible for them to complete a transaction.

Scheme - Also deducted to the list of documents required for the sale of a property.

In this article, we will share with you the documents required and how to obtain them:

1. Ownership document

The first and most important is the document certifying the ownership of the property or the so-called NOTARIAL ACT. If for some reason you do not have a title deed for the property you are selling or you have lost it there are two places where you can get it, namely
- Registry Agency or so-called property register
- The notary who notarized the last transaction for this property. Notaries keep a record of transactions and are likely to issue a copy of your last deed.
link to the website of the Registry Agency

2. Certificate of Tax Assessment

Issued by the relevant tax office (calculation centre) by property location. In the tax assessment, the address of the property must be identical to the address of the property according to the deed, otherwise a certificate of identity of addresses shall be issued by the respective district.
Term of issue - from 3 to 14 days;
IMPORTANT. 1 of the Tax Code shall be valid until that date, and certificates issued after that date - until the end of the current year.
All co-owners of the property must be listed on the property tax assessment.
To be issued, the co-owners must not have outstanding obligations for the property (to have paid tax and garbage fee) and this is entered in the property tax assessment certificate.

3. Sketch of the property

Issued by AGKK (Agency for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre).
Term of issue - 3 days for 20 BGN, 7 working days for 40 BGN
link to the website of AGCC

4. Certificate of encumbrances on the property

The document is issued by the Property Registry at the Registry Agency.
The issuance period is from 3 to 7 days.
link to the website of the Registry Agency

5. Certificate of marital status

The document shall be issued by ECGRAON (Unified System for Civil Registration and Administrative Population Service), usually in the municipality building at the permanent address of the property owner. 
Term of issue - from 1 to 7 days.
It is important to bear in mind that each spouse must have a certificate, no matter that the information in it is duplicated.  
The certificate of marital status of the seller(s) is also important in order to verify what was the marital status of the owner(s) at the date of acquisition of the property. 

6. Certificate of civil marriage

Also deducted to the list of required documents for the sale of property.
A copy of the document to accompany the certificate. 

7. Divorce decree

In the event the seller(s) is divorced, a divorce decree shall be provided. 
In case the property was not acquired during the marriage, it is not a community property, but if the husband (wife) is registered there, a declaration in accordance with Article 26 of the Civil Code shall be filled in for consent to the sale. The same applies to properties acquired by inheritance, donation, etc., which do not constitute a community of property.

8. Certificate under Article 87, paragraph 6 of the Tax Code for the presence and absence of obligations

It is required when purchasing a property on credit and is issued by the NRA (National Revenue Agency). The term of issuance is 1-7 days. The document is usually obtained on the spot on the day of the request.
link to the NRA website

9. Certificate of heirs

Where the property is received by inheritance, a certificate of heirs must also be presented. It shall be issued by the municipality, district or town hall of the deceased's last permanent address. It shall be valid until the particulars on which it is based and which it contains have changed.

And last but not least:
10. Identity document

Identity document, other documents individualizing the buyer and the seller (identity cards, certificates of current status, in case the party to the transaction is a legal entity - decision of the relevant competent authority. Check the validity of the relevant document, it often happens that our clients find out that their document has expired days before the transaction or at the time of signing the preliminary contract (if any).

And more: 
In the event that the seller is unable to attend a transaction in person, he is legally entitled to authorize a third party to represent him by power of attorney. The power of attorney shall expressly describe the rights that the authorising party grants to the authorised person in the representation. The power of attorney shall be notarised - the signatures and the content of the document shall be certified. The power of attorney shall be accompanied by a notarised declaration pursuant to Article 25(8) of the NNI Act and a declaration pursuant to Article 264(1) of the Tax Code.


When buying a home in a newly built building A Site Use Permit (Act 16) is required.
In case of division of property a relevant document registered with the Registry Agency is required.
In the case of an inherited property Certificate of heirs, death certificate of the heir and will: issued by the office of the Civil Registry of the municipality of residence for a period of 1 to 7 days.

Why trust your deal broker?

The pros of using professional broker are many - he will be able to give you an adequate price for the property you want to sell, will advertise your property according to an established methodology, thus increasing the likelihood of a quick sale at a price close to the price you are looking for, will assist you in organizing viewings, in possible negotiations with potential buyers, and if you have issued a power of attorney for the sale of property will provide all the necessary documents for a successful notarial finalization of the transaction. The variety of possible options is so great that due diligence of both parties' documents is a must.

We from team at BULGARIA-ESTATE we are prepared to save you the hassle and ensure a quick and easy sale of your property. You can contact any of our representatives who will pass information on to our team of lawyers. We will be with you from start to finish!

If you have made the decision to sell, you can sell your property with us by adding your offer here: + ADD OFFER

Author: Robert Christov

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